In case you didn't know, Brad Pitt attended the University of Missouri and almost got his degree. Almost. There are still pictures that get shared from that era in Brad's life including a couple I had not seen before.

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I saw one of these 2 new pics appear on the Missouri sub-Reddit. Both of those pics apparently originated on Total Frat Move which chronicled Brad Pitt's time at the Sigma Chi fraternity. You can see the first pic here which shows that Brad had nailed the early 1980's hair feathering technique. The second one is Brad Pitt in fraternity shorts. You are welcome. Oh and there's this one, too.

You might recall that I found video of Brad Pitt singing and dancing during Greek Week at Mizzou back in 1983. My cousin was in one of the Mizzou sororities at the same time Brad was there and remembers that time...fondly.

I find it interesting that when Brad Pitt was spotted congratulating college graduates a few years ago, it wasn't Mizzou. Instead it was Missouri State University.

I've heard stories that Brad Pitt didn't graduate from Mizzou originally because he left the campus just weeks before obtaining enough credits for his degree to head to Hollywood to become a movie star. Spoiler Alert - that worked out pretty well for him.

If you have a few free minutes, I'd recommend some of the other celebrity frat pics at Total Frat Move especially Ashton Kutcher and Will Farrell. Why so serious, Will?

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