It looks very innocent and unimportant above ground, but below it's something else entirely. It's a doomsday bunker hidden somewhere near the Kansas City, Missouri area that plunges 3 stories down into the earth.

I saw this very recent share just a few weeks ago by Atlas Survival Bunkers on YouTube. It's a doomsday bunker they say is located within an hour of Kansas City, Missouri. I believe this was one of the bunkers that was created during the Cold War for worst-case scenarios if nuclear war erupted. It's now been converted into a luxurious end of days living space.

Missouri Doomsday Bunker Near Kansas City Plunges Down 3 Stories

Gallery Credit: Atlas Survival Shelters via YouTube

They also shared a video walkthrough of what lies underneath the earth in the Kansas City, Missouri area. I believe the current owner is making this available for a cool $1.5 million, by the way.

Inside Exotic Survival Condos in the Kansas City, Missouri Area

Gallery Credit: CNET via YouTube

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