In a recent baseball game between Mizzou and Florida, a ball was hit to what appeared to be out of the reach of a Missouri outfielder. It wasn't. Video shows that Cam Chick made a catch so great it's even been shared by Major League Baseball.

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Major League Baseball said that "We May NEVER See a Catch Like This Again" and they're not wrong. It was a moment shared by Mizzou Baseball on Twitter showing Cam Chick dive headlong after a ball that hit his glove, rolled around on his back and head...and then...well, watch.

I believe this catch was made by Cam on Friday, April 28 as Missouri took on Florida. Sure, there's more than a little luck involved when a ball jumps out of your glove onto your head and back, but his awareness and having the quick reflexes and thinking to still grab it before it hit the ground is something you can't teach.

Major League Baseball is right. You may never see a catch like the one just made by Cam Chick at Mizzou again. Ever.

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