I've heard it said that imitation is the purest form of flattery. If that's the case, the middle of Missouri is flattering the living daylights out of Stonehenge as there's a mini replica of those famous rocks standing more or less in the middle of the state.

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I stumbled across this oddity in Missouri on the Legends of America website. It's Stonehenge...kinda in Rolla, Missouri. Don't believe me? Here's the Google Street View of this interesting Missouri replica.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

But wait, there's more. The website Clonehenge (which I highly recommend for anything resembling Stonehenge) has some facts about how it was built. They say it was "suggested" by Dr. Joseph Marchello at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. The mini-Stonehenge according to them was "built with the help of a civil engineer and astronomer as well as a high pressure waterjet group". There is nothing more Missouri than a monument built with the help of a high pressure waterjet group. Never stop being you, Missouri.

Wanna see this Missouri structure sure to please druids up close? Here you go.

Stubby Stonehenge or whatever you want to call it isn't hard to find. It's not like the middle of the Missouri University of Science and Technology is a mystical place. It's right by a busy road where all good monuments are.

If you adventure there and learn of an upcoming solar eclipse (that we don't already know about), please let me know. You never know what kind of power might be there in the middle of Missouri and a bunch of cement blocks.

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