For some, the last day of October is the scariest day of the year. The state of Missouri decided to take that fear to the next level with a new warning about the most deadly spider you likely won't see - until it's too late.

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Thanks a lot to the Missouri Department of Conservation. I was really enjoying my day up until this point. October 31, 2023 had not been bad by my normal standards. That changed when I saw this lovely image quite literally crawl across my laptop screen. I'll just go ahead and apologize right now. #NOPE

Missouri Dept. of Conservation via Facebook
Missouri Dept. of Conservation via Facebook

This, my friends, is the dreaded brown recluse. I have faced off with one of these bad boys and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. This is the most common deadly spider in Missouri and although they're everywhere, you'll rarely see one until you're already bitten.

I met this 8-legged freak in the basement of our house I was trying to get ready for sale at the time around a dozen years ago. I had a small pile of lumber in the corner and it looked suspicious so I wisely kicked the pile of timber before picking it up. It was then that a brown recluse appeared and headed right toward me. I don't want to make PETA mad, but it didn't end well for the spider. Hey, it was him or me.

Here's a horrifying statistic from the University of Missouri. Their study estimates that brown recluse spiders are in 70% of Missouri homes. No freaking way I'm sleeping tonight. Thanks again, Missouri. #KILLITWITHFIRE

I had a friend who was bitten by a brown recluse and he had necrosis on his arm and had to have multiple doctor visits over months to recover. Evil spiders.

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