When it comes to hospital safety, you definitely want a passing grade. For 2 Missouri hospitals, they received 'D' ratings in a new ranking of all the health facilities in the state.

I was educated in Missouri and I'd prefer to not share the grades I received during my school years, so perhaps I'm not the appropriate messenger for sharing grades of others. However, hospital safety is an important metric and it might help someone make a crucial decision, so I'll forego my education limitation fears.

Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade used a number of metrics to determine how safe (or not) patients are in Missouri hospitals. Here are the 3 categories they stated they focus on:

  • How well a Missouri hospital deals with stopping infections and hand-washing
  • Patient safety and support for staffs taking care of them
  • How well does a Missouri hospital protect against errors

Only 2 Missouri hospitals received 'D' ratings and here they are:

South City Hospital, 3933 S. Broadway, St. Louis, Missouri

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

SSM Health DePaul Hospital-St. Louis, 12303 De Paul Drive, Bridgeton, Missouri

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

Both of these Missouri hospitals reportedly have had issues with infections according to the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade report.

It's also worth noting that the report seems to be based on recent information as the data shows that it represents incidents from as recent as late last year.

I'm certainly no medical expert, but I would highly recommend you make any medical decisions not just on one website report, but many and make sure you do research yourself before you put your health in the hands of any hospital.

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