By now most people know about Brad Pitt's Missouri roots. However, many don't realize that he also went to Mizzou where he performed on stage and also sang quite a bit, too. There's rare video showing some of his Mizzou stage performances.

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The only video I can find of Brad Pitt at Mizzou is this one from 1983. The status on YouTube explains which guy is Brad:

Brad Pitt plays the Beaver in a Leave it to Beaver, and his house (the Sigma Chi's) won!

Brad's part begins in the classroom scene and then when he solos "Jailhouse Rock" then he's also "The Beaver" in the Leave it to Beaver parody.

One of my cousins was at Mizzou during Brad's time there in 1983 and knew him through the fraternity/sorority interactions. She confirmed that he was a riot back in those days.

One amazing fact is that Brad Pitt left Mizzou just 2 weeks before graduating to chase his acting dreams in Los Angeles. He drove limousines before getting his big break in Thelma and Louise in 1991 as Insider remembers.

Even though Brad Pitt has gone on to international stardom, he hasn't forgotten where he came from and recently sent a personal congrats to Missouri State graduates.

Once a Missourian, always a Missourian even if you're Brad freaking Pitt.

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