I have friends who think that just because I was born and raised in Missouri that I'm not a man of the world. That's incorrect and I can prove it with science. There's a new survey that shows many Missourians would love to live abroad and you'll never guess what their #1 city desire is.

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Full disclosure: I got a B- in Spanish and nearly flunked because I destroyed a pencil sharpener on a dare. Sadly, a true story. That being said, I do love parts of Europe so it doesn't surprise me that a new article proves that Missouri residents really can be citizens of the world.

The website Remitly asked many what city they'd most like to live in if they lived abroad. There is some science baked into their ranking as they crunched the numbers based on web searches in each state regarding cities of the world. Take a wild guess what world city Missouri people search for the most? Grab your beret, Ami. 

Infographic, Remitly
Infographic, Remitly

This is me imagining most of my fellow Missouri friends trying to survive and thrive in Paris, France. My guess is that most of us would immediately start asking about French fries, but I could be wrong.

I'm very surprised that most of the country wonders about Dubai and what's up Iowa? Planning a trip to those legendary red light districts in Amsterdam, are we?

This is a fun article by Remitly that covers some other international things that you might find interesting, too.

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