I'm not much of a world traveler, but I did go to Europe once not willingly. That's a different story for a different day. I just realized that you can actually visit Paris, Vienna and Lisbon without ever leaving Missouri though. That would have saved me so much time.

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No offense intended, but I don't normally go to the Missouri sub-Reddit for new knowledge. This is an exception. It was a fun thread started this week involving a guy who's girl had a request. I'll let his post explain the rest.

When your girl wants to go to Europe but you broke so you improvise
byu/ilovepuppies89 inmissouri

Although I'm pretty sure he's trying to be a comedian, he makes a good point. With a mere 15 hour drive, you can visit Paris, Missouri, Vienna, Missouri and Lisbon, Missouri along with other Show Me State towns with European names like Warsaw, Amsterdam and Versailles. Very clever.

I always forget how our state was founded by a bunch of former European people who brought their fancy city names with them. It was that or redneck pioneers (likely my ancestors) who wanted to go to Europe, but couldn't so they named the towns they settled in with those kind of international names.

I really should have paid more attention in history and geography class. Now, I'm forced to rely on Reddit for things I learn. I am doomed.

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