Members of Congress will open debate this week on a military strike against Syria this week. Tuesday President Obama will make his case to begin military operations against Syria to the American people with a nationwide speech.  

Supporters say we have no choice but to attack Syria for their chemical attack on their own people during their ongoing civil war. Those opposed to an attack fear that it will precipitate a larger conflict in the Middle East and may draw the United States into a long costly war after having just completed one in Iraq and with the U.S. currently finishing up another conflict in Afghanistan. The purpose of this writing is to find out what you, as an American citizen, feel about the United States opening up the possibility of yet another conflict.

The use of chemicals in warfare is something the whole world should be demonstratively against yet it seems like the whole world just wants to let the United States to take care of. To be fair, France has been the only country to support the United States in denouncing this dastardly act by Syria on its own people.

Here is my take on this issue. While it was horrible what Syria did to its own, if military action is used as a response I do not feel that we should go this response alone. If the world wants to sit back and watch the U.S. get involved then the whole world better be prepared for no more foreign aid to their particular country.

War is costly financially and in lives and this country has seen way too much of it. In my lifetime over half of my life has been lived with my country in conflict somewhere in the world. It is long past time for others to step up and stop waiting for "the Americans to handle it".  We have handled enough. We need a break. We have lost way too many lives and for what reason(s)?

The people of the Middle East have no idea of what living in peace means. If they would ever stop hating each other maybe they would see that people of different religions can live together in peace. The United States is living proof of that. Oh, we have our troubles in this country too, but people still want to live here rather than in their own homeland which can tell you something right there.

If they want to fight each other I say have at it. Whatever we do will not change the mindset of that area of the world. Another war involving the United States just weakens America even more and our enemies will eventually see an opportunity to go after us.

Some people say doing nothing makes us look weak. Doing nothing may not seem like the right thing to do here but sometimes doing nothing is the smartest thing to do. Whatever way you feel about this issue you need to let your Congressman know and do it now.

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