I've heard it said that the rich only get richer. If that principle applies to moisture, the wettest county in Missouri just keeps getting wetter seeing an average of more than 50 inches of rain every single year.

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I saw this interesting data shared by Stacker about the wettest counties in Missouri. They say they got their numbers from "data from the National Centers for Environmental Information to identify the counties in Missouri that receive the most precipitation through rain, sleet, or snow". Ah, yes. Science.

So which county is in the Missouri "dunk tank" for moisture?

Congratulations, Butler County. You win by a landslide (or should that be wave pool?)

Get this. According to the data shared by Stacker, Butler County gets an average of more than 56 inches of rain every year. When it rains, it pours...in Butler County.

For the record, I did not see any northeast Missouri counties in the top 50. The irony is that the National Weather Service recently predicted extreme drought for the middle of Missouri. That won't help Butler since it's located in the extreme southern Ozarks.

We live in a world of extremes. While many counties bordering the Mississippi River are experiencing terrible flooding, counties in the middle of Missouri are bone dry. Such a strange time to be alive.

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