A brilliant space rock barely missed Earth early Thursday morning as security cameras in Missouri captured video of this Earth-grazing meteor.

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Dan Bush of Missouri Skies just shared this brand new video which shows a fireball that appeared just after midnight Thursday morning. According to Dan's share, this meteor was an Earth-grazer that appeared at 12:03am Central time. The security cameras that the video originated from are in Albany, Missouri.

This meteor is so new it hasn't even been officially documented on the American Meteor Society website at the time of this writing.

What is an Earth-grazing meteor?

Wikipedia says that an "Earth-grazer" is a meteor that enters our atmosphere and leaves again before completely disintegrating or impacting the Earth. One interesting aspect of a meteor like this is its trajectory is changed after its interaction with Earth. Any previously understood orbit will have to be refigured once enough observation time has passed.

This space rock is likely just the first of many we'll see in Missouri in April as the Lyrids peak between April 15 and April 29 according to Earth and Sky.

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