There are ouch moments and there are OUCH moments. This is that 2nd one. It's a video that shows a Midwest fisherman getting smacked where the sun don't shine by a massive 40 pound carp.

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You can't truly understand the pain unless you've been there. A fisherman in Indiana was rejoicing over catching this big carp when his wife shared the aftermath:

My husband caught a grass carp well cat fishing it was over 40 pounds. When he tried to pick it up at slapped him

Her words don't truly do it justice.

Excuse me for a second. I feel the need to sit down. Ouch.

Story time: I was finned by a carp once. It was some of the most intense pain I've ever experienced. I shudder to think of this fish doing that in

Carp are so mean there's even a phrase that's become common because of them. If you are "carping" someone, that means you're constantly criticizing (nagging) them as Collins Dictionary confirms. My guess is this fisherman in Indiana would prefer to be nagged as opposed to the racking of his undercarriage that took place.

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