He came so close. A Missouri boy just caught one of the biggest sunfish in history and came within an ounce of shattering the state record for a fish like this.

I saw MSN share the story of a young Missouri boy named Fisher (you really can't make this stuff up).  The Missouri Department of Conservation shared the news on X (aka Twitter) of how close Fisher Hogan came to taking down a sunfish record that has stood for 36 years.

The Missouri Department of Conservation keeps very detailed records of the biggest fish caught in the state. The record sunfish was caught in 1988 and was merely an ounce heavier than the one that Fisher Hogan just landed from a private pond near Mountain Home, Missouri.

As they mentioned on X, Fisher Hogan is now considered a master angler and that's a trophy not many can claim no matter what their age. The fact that he accomplished it at age 11 is really something.

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