I do believe in accepting responsibility when you do something wrong and that principle works the same for states, too. When it comes to the worst place to live in Illinois, the blame needs to be placed where it really belongs and that's in Indiana.

Hear me out on this one. There's some real science involved with why I firmly believe that the worst place in Illinois is really the responsibility of Indiana. That's right, Hoosiers. You should be ashamed.

Let's begin with the facts. The worst place to live in Illinois for 2024 according to Roadsnacks is Harvey, Illinois and I don't hear anyone arguing with that conclusion. This sad moment happened just 2 months ago in Harvey, Indiana Illinois when some residents were boarded up in their own condemned building.

There are some good people trying to survive in Harvey, Illinois, but they can't because look who's keeping them down to the east. That's right. It's Indiana like two blocks away.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Yes, Harvey, Illinois has an unemployment rate of over 14%, but how much better would it be if it weren't so close to Indiana? Answer - MUCH BETTER. 

The Roadsnacks article says that things are so bad that the city of Harvey had its earnings garnished to pay a pension bill. What is more Indiana than having wages garnished? That's my point.

Back to that responsibility thing. Yes, Harvey, Illinois will stand or fall on its own merits, but the proximity to Indiana cannot be ignored.

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