This is what happens when men are left alone to make decisions. A new video share shows how some Illinois guys decided to move when they had no moving truck.

This happened in Illinois and I can prove it. Keep an eye on the license plate on the truck ahead of the person capturing the video and you'll see "Illinois" as in "Land of Lincoln" plain as day. This was shared on Reddit recently.

In case you missed it, here's the Illinois license plate. NOTE: I blurred the guys plate out of courtesy even though the person who shared the video didn't.

u/GTrainEngineer via Reddit
u/GTrainEngineer via Reddit

I hate to laugh considering the fact that the guy riding shotgun on top of the car could have been hurt serious, but wow. The fact that one Illinois guy said to another guy "hey, why don't you hold the mattress down on top of my car while I drive across town" and another Illinois guy said "sure" is amazing.

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