I know that there are certain things in life that I'm not meant to understand. The River Dance is one example. Why was that so popular? I don't get it. I also don't understand why suddenly so many in Illinois are moving to Tennessee?

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The phrase "flocking to Tennessee" was brought up by 24/7 Wall St when they shared data on what states are moving to Tennessee the most. Guess who's nearly at the top of the list? Congratulations if you said Illinois, because the Land of Lincoln is representing at #5 on the "going to Tennessee" list.

Get this. According to data shared in the ranking, 12,602 Illinois people pulled up the stakes and took their covered wagon to Nashville Tennessee. That's a lot of cowboy hats that likely got sold as they arrived in town.

We know that 344,027 left Illinois in just one recent year and those former Illinoisans have to go somewhere, right? What's the appeal of Tennessee I ask? It's not that I don't recognize that Tennessee is a pretty state with lots of places to go. The eastern part of the state which is in the Smoky Mountains is awesome and underrated in my opinion, but is it THAT underrated?

I blame Garth Brooks. It's his fault. Him and his friends in low places.

Tennessee does have a lot going for it. Nashville is very in fashion these days with a 24/7 downtown area. There are lots of jobs in the Volunteer State, too. More people in Illinois are drawn to all those country bars I suppose.

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