The title alone will make my Missouri family and my Iowa friends spit water out of their noses. But, I'm not actually joking about some very legitimate reasons why a sensible Missouri person might actually want to consider moving to Iowa. Really.

You might have heard a rumor that I (a man born and raised in Missouri) used to refer to my Iowa friends as "the children of the corn". I can verify that's true. I may have also referred to Iowa drivers as "Idiots Out Wandering Around" a time or two. That sounds similar. However, I've turned a corner (Iowa driving pun intended) and can now see some advantages to life in Iowa. Brace yourself for some hard truth.

5. Iowa has less crime than Missouri

If you look at Neighborhood Scout, you'll see that Missouri really has too much violent crime. More than 30,000 instances in a year. Iowa only had just over 9,000 and I hear that most of those involved pitchforks. Kidding (more or less), but the fact remains that Iowa is less violent than Missouri.

4. Iowa has more and better job opportunities

I love my home state of Missouri. I really do, but let's fact it. Some of the job opportunities are somewhat lacking. Iowa is trending up and if you look at available jobs in the land of the Children of the Corn Iowa, you'll see tons especially in the Iowa City and Des Moines area.

3. Summer in Iowa is less harsh than Missouri

Don't misunderstand and think Iowa is a walk in the park during the summer months, but the average temp is lower than Missouri. There's also generally less humidity due to the fact that Missouri has so much land near water.

2. Cost of living in Iowa is cheaper than most of Missouri

I'm not sure why this is, but the cost of living seems to be lower in Iowa than Missouri. I'm not sure if it's the popularity of the Kansas City area or what's happening, but it's cheaper to find a place to live in most parts of Iowa compared to Missouri.

1. Iowa people are nicer than Missourians?

So did I actually put a question mark at the end of that sentence or just think it? Livability is one of the many moving and quality of life sites that claim Iowa people are nicer than most other parts of the country including Missouri.

With all those positives, here's one thing that Missouri does better than Iowa. My wife is from Iowa, so I can at least prove that Iowa women's eyesight is worse than Missouri.

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