I love the mountains and have lived in the mountains which means that I have something in common with most of the people in Illinois apparently. I have scientific proof that Illinois is desperate to get to the mountains as soon as possible.

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If you had to pick which state Illinois people move to the most when they (inevitably) leave, you'd probably pick Florida, right? Wrong. Illinois is heading to the mountains. I present this to you as proof. This is a map showing which states are moving to the mountains the most shared by 24/7 Wall St.

Infographic, 24/7 Wall St
Infographic, 24/7 Wall St

Check this out. In one year alone, Illinois had 9,281 residents move to Colorado. Rocky Mountain high, anyone? That's the 4th most people in America that chose Colorado as their new home.

I understand the attraction. While I was born and raised in Missouri, I have lived in Colorado on 4 different occasions in my life. First time was in 1985 in the 4 Corners region near Cortez, Colorado. Second time was in 2006 when I moved to Colorado Springs. Also returned to the 4 Corners once and another time in 2015 in Grand Junction. Colorado is an amazing state that is increasingly becoming a haven for Californians (which does not please native Colorado people, by the way).

Colorado provides a different lifestyle unlike any other place in America. If you love the outdoors, Colorado is for you. Oh, and then there are the gorgeous Rocky Mountains.

Go to Colorado now and you're likely to follow a U-Haul truck with Illinois plates on the back.

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