The internet loves to tell you the most popular places that people move to and I understand that. I'd like to share the opposite with you. It's the only state in America that no one in Missouri moved to last year and it's not Hawaii or Alaska in case you're wondering.

This brand new ranking of where Missouri people move to the most from 24/7 Wall St is interesting for a lot of reasons. The fact that Kansas is the most popular is shocking to me considering how us Missouri people claim to feel about Jayhawks. I'm really not surprised that Florida and Texas are popular move-to destinations for Missourians and most states report those leaving going there, too.

What I find the most interesting about this new article isn't the most popular, but the least popular Missouri moving destinations. There's only one state in America that no one in Missouri moved to. Not even one person.

That state is West Virginia. 

19 people moved to Vermont last year, but not one single soul said "I'm gonna call West Virginia my home". 43,493 Americans moved to West Virginia last year, but Missouri was the lone holdout.

Here's the kicker. There's a program where some people that move to West Virginia get $20,000, but not one taker in Missouri?

The $20,000 program designed to lure people to West Virginia didn't convince even one Missourian to take them up on it. I find that amazing. Perhaps no one in Missouri knew about it (but they know now)? Maybe next year, you'll see the Missourians moving to West Virginia number jump significantly. 

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Gallery Credit: Noah Wittner via YouTube

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