I realize that I'm not meant to understand everything in life and this is a great example. Why are so many Colorado people suddenly moving to Missouri? I have data to prove it's happening and I'm mystified as to why.

I was born and raised in Missouri, yet have lived in Colorado on 3 different occasions in my life. Truly one of the most beautiful states in America without question. I love Colorado. While I also love my home state of Missouri, I have to wonder out loud why anyone in their right mind would want to leave Colorado? The numbers prove many are and they're heading toward Missouri.

I saw this new study by 24/7 Wall St about where Colorado people are moving to the most and Missouri is nearly at the top of the list. According to their data, a grand total of 8,042 people decided to leave Colorado and move to Missouri. That's crazy. That makes Missouri the 6th most popular destination for outbound Colorado movers. Forgive me for asking, but what's the attraction?

Only Washington State, Arizona, Florida and Texas attract more Coloradoans than Missouri. Do that many Colorado people love KC BBQ and/or the St. Louis Cardinals? I'm seriously curious.

I've done some digging among my former neighbors in Colorado and the reason I'm finding that many are leaving the Centennial State is the perception that so many California people are moving in and taking over. Sounds crazy, but it's a real thing.

I still can't 100% answer the question about why so many in Colorado are choosing Missouri. Not complaining, it's just another mystery in life that I don't understand.

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