Newspapers have been a huge part of America’s history. Many people have kept copies of their papers when significant events have taken place like the stock market collapse in 1929, the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the various presidential election winners, the   9-11 attacks and so forth. You get the idea.

I grew up reading the daily newspapers and will miss them when they are no longer around. That eventuality is beginning to take place all over America and right here in the tri-states as well.

That leads me to the fact that tonight’s Herald Whig will mark the final Monday printed edition for Quincy’s newspaper.  Quincy Media, the parent company of The Herald-Whig, recently announced that September 28 (today) would mark the final Monday paper that they would be publishing.  The news-gathering and reporting for both print and digital editions will continue seven days a week, but the print publication on Mondays will cease with tonight’s edition.

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Also, effective Tuesday, October 6, the Herald Whig will become a morning paper and will begin utilizing the U.S. Postal Service for home delivery. Single-copy issues will be available on newsstands early each morning and same-day home delivery will be made by mail from all 38 local Post Offices throughout the region. On Sundays subscribers, who now get home delivery of the paper by carrier, will continue to receive that service.

According to the Herald-Whig, these moves have been made to “improve customer service, shore up home delivery and advance the newspaper’s mission to become a digital-first newspaper operation”.



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