I was reading my Herald Whig this past weekend and came across a story about the menus now available a various Major League Baseball parks.  Some of these items are quite interesting. For instance in Kansas City, they are serving up a "Pulled Pork Patty Melt" at Kauffman Stadium. It includes onions, bacon, cheese and jalapenos.

In Arlington, Texas they feature at Globe Life Park a "Most Valuable Tamale" with a two foot long hot dog stuffed inside the tamale, with chili, cheese and sour cream.

In Denver, they serve "Apple Pie Nachos" at Coors Field. It is served with cinnamon sugar chips with apple pie filling with cheddar cheese, whipped cream and caramel.

I purposely saved the craziest for last. According to the Herald Whig article, the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field are selling  a crispy delicacy called a "Chapuline".  It is a chili-lime salt- seasoned toasted Grasshopper.  That's right, a grasshopper. Believe it or not it sold out during the opening series of the season.

Of the four options in the story, I would choose the "Pulled Pork Patty Melt" in Kansas City.  I just can't see myself downing grasshoppers with a cold beer at the ballpark. Would you?

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