If you frequently drive across the Mississippi River using the Quincy Memorial Bridge you might want to read a recent article in the Herald Whig. The article, in Saturday's paper (April 18, 2020), reveals that the Quincy Memorial Bridge is one of the region's worst bridges according to the annual report from the American Road and Transportation Builder's Association.

According to the article the report, using information from the U.S. Department of Transportation, shows that some 231-thousand bridges need repair or replacement in the United States. It also shows that 46-thousand bridges are structurally deficient.

The Memorial Bridge, built in 1930 and connecting West Quincy, Missouri to Quincy, Illinois is listed as one of the most structurally deficient bridges in all of northern Missouri. On the other hand, according to the Herald Whig story, the Memorial Bridge is not listed as one of the most structurally deficient bridges in Illinois.

Illinois Department of Transportation officials are reviewing these findings. Plans are in the works to build a new bridge to accommodate the over 9-thousand vehicles that cross the current bridge daily.

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