If you remember Mr. Zip you are showing your age. Mr. Zip was the friendly animated postal worker that was used to promote the Postal Service's "new" delivery system using zip codes. Fifty-four years ago the first zip codes came out with ZIP being an acronym for Zoning Improvement Plan.  

Have you ever wondered what the numbers stand for? Lets take the zip code for Quincy of 62301-1234.  The first three numbers 623 represent a general region or city. The 01 represents the delivery area, post office or neighborhood. As far as the last four numbers go the 12 stands for a sector or several block area and the last two numbers 34 represent a segment of those blocks or one side of the street.

There are 41,810 zip codes in this United States with California having the most with 2602 and not surprisingly Rhode Island having the fewest with 90. Just for fun, ask your postal worker what ZIP stands for to see if they even know. I had no idea until a saw an article on it recently. In case you haven't seen the Mr. Zip commercial, here it is.

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