Boy, if this isn't sadly a sign of the times, employers can now be covered with what is being termed "active shooter" or "active assailant" insurance.  I never even thought about this kind of coverage being available. The Herald Whig's writer Steve Eighinger featured a story about this topic in the March 17 edition of the Whig as part of his weekly Business Notebook column.

In his article it sited the website as saying policies generally cover liability, business interruption, property damage, counseling, public-relations and funerals. Steve's article mentions 42% of the mass shootings since the year 2000 occurred in businesses. Schools are also signing up for this insurance as well.

Like I started out saying, it is unfortunately a sign of the times that business owners and school districts must now consider this kind of insurance for their company. Where has my life, as I knew it growing up, gone? It is so sad!

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