If you are a Herald Whig subscriber there will be three major changes coming for you to be aware of this week.

Starting with today, there will no longer be a printed edition of the Monday paper. The printed editions of the paper will be available on a Tuesday through Sunday basis. The Herald Whig’s online operation will still be available on a 7 day a week basis at www.Whig.com.

The second major change is that starting tomorrow your printed newspaper will no longer be an evening paper. Your Tuesday paper will be a morning paper on a Tuesday through Sunday basis. Single-copy issues will be available on newsstands early each morning.

The third change starting tomorrow is that your morning printed Herald Whig newspaper will no longer be delivered by a Whig carrier. The new delivery of the daily printed edition of the Whig will be handled by the U.S. Postal Service and will be placed in your mailbox on a Tuesday through Saturday basis. A Whig carrier will still hand deliver your Sunday paper on Sundays only.

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Quincy Media, the parent company of The Herald-Whig, announced these changes last month saying that these moves have been made to “improve customer service, shore up home delivery and advance the newspaper’s mission to become a digital-first newspaper operation”.

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