Ok the deadline was 11 am central time for everyone in America to get their NCAA Basketball bracket turned in. It should be a national holiday. There are bracket contests going on everywhere including here on our webpage.

I know of some guys who fill out up to 10 different brackets trying to win contests they are involved in. March Madness is truly named as millions of men and women take the time to select winning teams in hopes of choosing the correct final team. Even President Obama filled out his bracket and chose Indiana as the eventual champion.

For me I have my final eight as Louisville, Duke, Gonzaga, Notre Dame, Kansas, Georgetown, Indiana and my longshot, Illinois.  My final four is comprised of Duke, Gonzaga, Kansas, and Indiana with Kansas meeting Duke for the championship which will go to the Duke Blue Devils by the score of 82 to 76.

So I guess my work is done. Now I can sit back and watch my bracket blow up in front of my eyes. I might even surprise myself and pick a winner or two. I'll know on April 6th.

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