We are now within shouting distance of the November 6th election and shouting just might happen tonight as President Obama and his challenger, Mitt Romney meet in the second of three Presidential debates. Tonight's will take place on Long Island, New York.

With a million legitimate questions that could be asked tonight in this town hall format, there is one that many are waiting to see if it will be asked.  That question is "sausage or pepperoni?" Apparently, Pizza Hut has offered a lifetime of free pizza, one large pizza a week for 30 years or a check for $15,600 to anyone who poses the question to both the President or to Mr. Romney during the debate tonight.  Since this is a town hall style debate, the questions will come from the audience.

This kind of thing is not unprecedented in that back in 1994, then president Bill Clinton was asked if he wore "boxers or brief's" during that town hall debate.  By the way his answer was "usually briefs". I suppose, someone will take the opportunity to make a name for themselves tonight and ask the question. I can only hope that they both get to answer the question so I will know how to vote in November.

When you get right down to it, who really cares about unemployment, rising taxes, gas prices, and world instability. I need to know which guy likes pepperoni and which one likes sausage. Thanks Pizza Hut in advance for making a mockery of tonight's debate.  Boy, I sure hope they ask a follow up question about thin or thick crust.


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