I am sure you noticed the price of a gallon of gas took a huge leap this week. There is always some lame excuse as to why when this happens. So instead of listening to them, I have come up with my own top 10 reasons why gas prices went up.

10..Rumour has it that Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore, following a lead from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, is going to close down a portion of the Bayview Bridge to West Quincy where gas is cheaper.

9..None of the local gas company owners won the recent Powerball drawing

8..Gas company owners needed the extra bucks to pay their Ameren bill

7..Wouldn't be enough gas to replace Ceelo Green on "The Voice"

6..President Putin threatened to cut off his supply of gas after the U.S. beat Russia in Hockey

5..Had to pay for The Tonight Show's move from Burbank to New York

4..It's simply a supply and demand thing. Yeah right!!!

3..Hy-Vee's fuel saver cards are wiping out gas company profits

2..It's either gas or garbage stickers, which one do you want.

1..Because the Big Dog's gas gauge is on E and that doesn't mean "enough"

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