There were some happy people and some sad people this morning after the election totals revealed that President Obama won re-election last night. No matter what side of the fence you were on, you must be thankful that you had a chance to select your leader. How many places in the world are people struggling to be able to do just what we did yesterday as Americans. Maybe your guy won, or maybe he lost. But what is important here is that you had a say in it. What is more important than voting for your President is keeping tabs on your senators and representatives.  You just followed the Presidential race closely and now you need to follow what your other elected officials are doing or NOT doing.

Don't lose sight of the fact that they are the ones who make the laws in this land. Oh, the President is important in all this, but it is Congress that needs to get their act together. We as Americans need to keep close tabs on what they are doing.  We were passionate in voting for our President and we need to be passionate in voting for our senators and congressmen when it is their turn as well.

Let them hear from you on the issues of the day.That's how we will get this country back on track.

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