Driving in Quincy can be a real challenge especially if you use Broadway. I have never seen so much traffic on one street. With that in mind, I present to you the Ten Commandments of driving on Broadway.

10.  Thou shall NOT drive at least two blocks without looking up from your phone.

9.    Thou shall NOT turn left out of the Tower parking lot after 4 p.m.

8.    Thou shall NOT trust the person next to you in the double left hand turn lanes.

7.    Thou shall NOT user the middle turn lane unless you are completely in it.

6.    Thou shall NOT consider a yellow light a free pass to go through the intersection.

5.    Thou shall NOT take 10 seconds looking at your cell phone after the light changes.

4.    Thou shall NOT spend your lunch hour eating and driving.

3.    Thou shall NOT hit your car horn just to say hello to someone you see all the time.

2.    Thou shall NOT continue driving when flashing lights on an emergency vehicle are          behind you.

1.    Thou shall NOT drive on Friday.  Where are you all going?

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