From the category of “What are they thinking?” comes word that the Transportation Security Administration (T.S.A.) is contemplating discontinuing baggage and body screenings at the country’s 150 smallest airports including Quincy Regional Airport.  The reason? Cost savings.  With 2.5 million passengers a day being screened at our nation’s airports, homeland security is put to the test daily. It is not a cheap venture.  I can see a need to reduce costs, but certainly not this way.

The whole purpose of T.S.A. screenings is to protect the United States from yet another attack.  911 woke us up. Unfortunately, 17 years later, it looks like some people are falling asleep again.

So what is to stop a terrorist from buying a plane ticket at a small airport like Quincy's, boarding a 50 seat jet and flying it into a building again?  Have we not learned anything from 911? Now I know this was just talk at a T.S.A. boardroom, but even the thought is preposterous.

The world we live in today has dictated we have T.S.A. screenings. Removing it from small airports only makes the world we live in a little bit worse.

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