The end of July marked the 8th month of air service provided by Sky West for Quincy Regional Airport through United Express. So how many people are flying on United Express to Chicago?

The first month of service in December of 2017 saw some 600 people utilize the service. In January the number dropped to 432 according to Skip Bright, the City of Quincy’s Director of Administrative Services. According to Mr. Bright, the boarding totals for February, March and April were not provided to the city.

The Month of May saw 920 passengers followed by 1,086 boarding in June and 1,037 passengers.  All three are good numbers in that the city must average 833 boarding’s a month to receive a $1-million grant from the Department of Transportation.  Ten-thousand boarding’s a year are necessary to qualify for the grant money.

So after the first two months the boarding’s at the Quincy Regional Airport were short by 634 passengers and the last three months were 544 boarding’s above the average needed. So the three unknown monthly totals will be critical in the quest to get to the 10-thousand boarding total needed for the City to receive that $1-million grant.

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