It’s been a few weeks since I commented about the City of Quincy changing air carriers for Baldwin Field at Quincy Regional Airport.  This Friday night will start the new service provided by SkyWest with 12 flights weekly to Chicago.  The first flight will leave at 6:23 p.m.

It’s funny, whenever I have mentioned this new service over the last several weeks, people were surprised and disappointed to hear that there will no longer be air service to St. Louis from Quincy. I must admit, as I did weeks ago, I too am disappointed that flights to the Gateway City are no longer available.

Well, the decision has been made and now we must live with it. Time will tell if SkyWest will manage to get the 10,000 boardings to Chicago they need next year to secure a $1 million grant for Quincy Regional Airport.

I would be remiss in not saying thank you to Cape Air for providing 36 weekly flights with service to St. Louis for the past 8 years.

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