Air service in Quincy has become a hot topic lately with the City of Quincy trying to decide what airline they want serving the city and area. The city had five different airlines vying to serve this area and narrowed it down to two, Boutique Air of San Francisco and Sky West Airline of St. George, Utah. Both would provide additional flights to Chicago as well as St. Louis.

The city's Aeronautics Committee voted to go with Boutique Airlines which has a fleet of Turbo prop planes. At the last City Council meeting, several aldermen questioned that choice over Sky West which uses 50 seat jets.

The concern in choosing Sky West is that the city would need to hire extra fire fighters which would cost the city between $144 and $200-thousand per year according to Mayor Kyle Moore. That amount was disputed by Aeronautics Committee member and current city councilman Tom Ernst.

Since the service provided to Quincy Regional Airport is subsidized by the Federal Government, the U.S. Department of Transportation will need to approve of whichever airline is chosen by the city.

Cape Air, who currently services Quincy with flights to St. Louis only, also made a proposal to the city to continue service with expansion to Chicago as well but was not a finalist in the decision. So lets put it out there.  What airline would you choose?

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