So it has been over two months since SkyWest Airlines began service at Quincy Regional Airport with service to Chicago. It got me to thinking, "How is it going?" Just how many people used SkyWest in December and January?

My quest for information began on February 1 with a call to SkyWest which led to a voice mail left.  So leaving no stone unturned, I contacted the U.S. Department of Transportation, the agency that ultimately influenced the City of Quincy that SkyWest would be the air carrier for Quincy. After being routed thru 4 different offices, I finally got to the person who would know who said he would be in touch “shortly”.  I am still waiting for that return call.

I also tried to call the Airport Manager, Terrance Ward, numerous times over the next week leaving messages each time. I found out he was doing his Reserve Duty and was out of town. After repeated calls to SkyWest, I finally got a voice mail reply which was “SkyWest, for competitive reasons, does not release that kind of information”. Competitive reasons? What competition are they talking about? They are the only air carrier in Quincy!

I finally decided to call Skip Bright, the Director of Administrative Services for the City of Quincy. Mr. Bright was kind enough to let me know that some 600 people used the air service from SkyWest in December and 432 in January.

For the City of Quincy to secure a $1-million grant from the Department of Transportation, they must secure 10-thousand boardings for the year. That’s an average of 833 boardings a month. After the first two months, The City has come up short by 634 boardings.  Hopefully the months ahead can make up the difference needed.  Time will tell.

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