How many times have you heard someone say “I wish we could go back to the way things used to be?” Well Quincy did just that last Saturday and Sunday.  After a 17 year hiatus, the Grand Prix of Karting was resurrected at South Park and with it came a flood of great memories from past years.  The people came in droves with their tents to provide shade, their lawn chairs and their blankets plus food and drink to enjoy two full days of racing through South Park at no cost. With each passing kart, memories of years past flowed thru my brain with remembrances of fun times with my family and friends.

Those memories were made thanks to the hard work of Gus Traeder years ago who had a dream to put on a Karting event in Quincy and he made it happen. We lost Gus last year, but you can bet he was in South Park in spirit last weekend and you know he was very proud of his son Terry who had his own dream and made it come true last weekend as well.

This kind of family event doesn’t just happen. Many hours of hard work went into reviving this event and for that we say,” job well done Terry Traeder” and to the cast of hundreds who made it happen.

You know, going back to the way things used to be isn’t always a bad idea! Last weekend proved that.

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