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Whenever one starts to think negatively about living in Quincy, all you need to do is think about the events of the past few weeks. Gus Macker some 3 weeks ago, The Grand Prix of Karting two weeks ago and then last weekend’s Soap Box Derby. Hats off to the Exchange Club for putting on Gus Macker over the past 28 years.  Kudos to Terry Traeder and his crew for re-establishing The Karting races again at South Park and a tip of the cap to the Optimist Club of Quincy for not only featuring the second largest derby in the country next to Akron, Ohio’s National event, but for making our local event available to the special needs kids in the area. Nearly 100 special needs kids go to go down the hill in their carts last Friday. What a great thrill it had to be for them.

These things don’t just happen. It takes people, time and dedication to these projects to pull it off.  But pull it off they did. They brought smiles to kids of all ages.  They brought back memories of past events. They brought people as families out to watch which will leave lasting pleasant thoughts for years to come.

Oh, Quincy has its problems, but boy you can’t find too many cities that do what Quincy does and that speaks highly of its people who make it happen.

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