Well the 2018 Grand Prix of Karting is history with thousands of people packing South Park in Quincy to watch the action this past Saturday and Sunday. The free event was a perfect opportunity for friends and family to get together.  For some it was an opportunity to reminisce about past karting events in the park and for others it was a chance to make brand new memories with their first chance to see the karting in South Park.

If you attended, you undoubtedly wished you could be one of those drivers and get a chance to drive through the park.  I know I did as it really looked like fun. It was also dangerous as well with some speeds reaching up to 90 miles an hour in places.

What I liked best about the Grand Prix of Karting was that I could sit and relax with no timetable involved as I watched the karts flying past me . The day just flew by and I didn't care what time of day it was. I don't get that opportunity often.

So if you attended last weekend, what did you like best about the Grand Prix of Karting?

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