I'm not making this up and this is also not new. Believe it or not, a Missouri sheriff is requesting your assistance by coming down to their office and getting drunk. Oh, and it really will help them. I'll explain.

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I saw Boing Boing (one of my favorite sites) share this fun news which originated at the Jefferson County Missouri Sheriff's Office Facebook page. It's a serious offer for citizens to come down and get plastered all for a good cause.

In case you can't read the small Facebook print, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office answered some questions they've been receiving since this offer first went out.

Q: Is this something new that the department is doing? A: No, this has been the standard for law enforcement certification for decades. Typically, we run the wet lab in the evening and it’s easy for us to get volunteers from internal communication. With scheduling this time we needed day drinkers, which is more difficult to get.
Q: Can I just show up to participate? A: No. Every volunteer will have permission to participate by an instructor. The instructor/evaluator has done some level of vetting to make sure we are getting the right candidate. Some people handle alcohol well, and others not so much. This is a fun experience, but its also a professional environment where officers are being evaluated by trained professionals.
Q: Are my tax dollars being used to purchase alcohol for drinking volunteers? A: No, we do not use taxpayer funds to purchase alcohol.

So the gist of what they're doing is this. It's part of their Field Sobriety Training which helps the officers with their certification. They don't want anyone who has had issues with alcohol addiction and no you won't be driving home.

Needless to say, the response so far appears to be overwhelming. By the time you read this, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office may have all the "volunteers" they're accepting.

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