He's been on the run for a long time, but the FBI now has new information that will hopefully lead to the capture of a Missouri man who is wanted for allegedly doing bad things to children.

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The FBI has Bruce Emerson Sawhill on their most wanted list for good reason. The federal bulletin shared this backstory about what he's alleged to have done:

Sawhill allegedly sexually assaulted a young female child on more than one occasion, in Jefferson County, Missouri. Sawhill had previously befriended the victim's parents and gained access to the victim

There's now a new detail that could aid in his capture. It involves his believed involvement in the marijuana industry:

Sawhill has reportedly grown marijuana in the past and could be working on a marijuana farm

The FBI does not know if he remains in Missouri or has possibly fled to the Pacific Northwest as both Oregon and Washington are possible destinations. These are the most recent known pictures of Bruce Emerson Sawhill.


Bruce Emerson Sawhill was charged with two counts of statutory sodomy and now unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. They also say that if seen, he should be considered armed and dangerous.

Anyone that has new information about the whereabouts of Bruce Emerson Sawhill should contact the St. Louis office of the FBI.

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