I am not a superstitious person. I'm actually the opposite of that, but perhaps you don't walk under ladders or are wary of black cats. If that's the case, you should know that the strangest superstition in Missouri will forever make you fear how you drink.

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There's a fun "special report" from 24/7 Wall St involving the strangest superstitions of each state. Illinois' is boring because it's a reference to the old "Billy Goat curse" at Wrigley Field which was debunked when they won a championship in 2016. For Iowa, it's the "Black Angel statue at Oakland Cemetery in Iowa City" and how it changed color, etc.

What is the strangest superstition in Missouri?

I had never heard this, so this was a new one for me and maybe you, too. They claim that in Missouri, crazy people think that thieves always look into their cups before they take a drink. Say what? Let's talk about this. I am not a thief (that I'm willing to admit) and I sometimes look into my drinking cup to make sure there isn't a spider in it. (Phobia Time) That does not necessarily mean I'm a thief though. They did say this superstition came from the Ozarks part of Missouri which explains a lot.

Do you look into your cup before you drink? If so, any shoplifting incidents on your police record? Asking for a friend. Or maybe you're just superstitious? I'm not judging. Everybody has their own weird stuff to deal with.

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