Someone needs to have a conversation to learn what roles deer have in our lives. Missouri officials found a deer and even when I tell you, you're not likely to believe what they found written on its side.

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Disclaimer: I was born and raised in Missouri and I love my home state, but there are moments like this where I can only shake my head. I'm no genius either, but whoever did this would likely make many of us appear that way. It's a photo share from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. If a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a thousand words.

This just in. Deer are not pets. They are wild animals and don't need a collar on or to have you label them with a big ole Sharpie. I cannot believe I'm having to write these words as common sense should take over at some point.

I'm gonna give whoever did this the benefit of the doubt and guess they felt that they were protecting the deer. Perhaps that's why they labeled it "PET" so hunters would not kill it. The truth is that this kind of contact with a wild animal probably dooms it either way. It's a fact that many wild animal herds will shun any animal that has had significant human contact. This poor buck has obviously had way too much human contact.

Until further notice, let's please not write on the sides of deer. As a human being, that should be a task we're all capable of fulfilling.

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