With temperatures well below zero in the area this morning it is hard to smile. So I thought it might be fun to ask you to finish the following line in hopes it might humor all of us reading this today. The line is  "It's so cold that I saw a_______________".  So warm up your brain and have at it people.  Hopefully, it will take your mind off of just how cold it actually is outside for a few moments at least.   Here's my top 10 list of finishing lines,

"It's so cold outside the___(BLANK)___________.

1. Light at 25th & Broadway traffic froze green finally favoring people on 25th Street.

2. Bald Eagles stayed inside the O.L.C. after Sunday's Eagle Days show ended.

3. Flip-Flop wearing Sarah Deien finally wore socks with her flip-flops.  

4. Asian Carp in the Mississippi River finally had enough and returned to Asia.

5. Kroc Center had to call their "Warming Center" the "Luke-Warming Center".

6. City halted garbage collection because the stickers were falling off (oh no!).

7. Skinny people of the Midwest wish they were fat.

8. TV anchors,Rajah Maples and Alexandra Carter's, earrings are actually icicles.

9. Fire Department is encouraging dogs to use the fire hydrants to thaw them out.

10. Dancing man isn't.

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