Hold on a second. I need to stop laughing before I can share this with you. OK. I think I'm fine now. Get this. The internet thinks you should (and I quote) "flee Missouri as soon as possible". I'll explain why they're concerned about you.

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I normally find some pretty interesting stuff on 24/7 Wall St. This article took me by surprise. The exact title is "Why You Should Flee Missouri As Soon As Possible" and I'm not joking one little bit. This appears to be the opinion of the article's writer Douglas A. McIntyre that is based on Missouri's place among the "best states to live in" across the country.

So why exactly does the internet think you're in danger in Missouri?

The 24/7 Wall St article writer brings up several concerns about Missouri having low crime and healthcare scores, but even he admits that the Show Me State was ranked 30th by US News overall. I understand that's not top 10, but top 30 is at least a passing grade, right?

He mentions Missouri gets low scores for income and infrastructure, too. Guilty as charged, but is the state really so bad that we need to "flee as soon as possible"? I'll quote Sergeant Hulka in the movie "Stripes" when I say to Douglas to "Lighten up, Francis".  I was born and raised in Missouri and didn't turn out to be a complete slime bag (I hope). My family has returned and lives in the Show Me State now and have no plans to run for our lives anytime soon. As a matter of fact, I hope to fire up the BBQ while the weather stays good.

If you'd like to take Douglas' advice and flee, I say let Forrest Gump show you how.

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