Someone needs to call Stephen Spielberg and let him know that one of his creatures got loose and is making cameos on Missouri trail cam videos. Not really, but call him anyway if you can.

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A pretend (meaning parody) Jefferson County, Missouri Facebook page shared a hilarious pic claiming to be captured by a trail cam near Pevely, Missouri.

If you ask the question "are raptors native to Missouri?", you'll find that they actually are. The birds are that is as a Washington University article points out. "Raptors" meaning birds of prey.

Have I mentioned that this is a parody page that isn't really representing Jefferson County, Missouri? Yes? Well, let me say it again. This post directed at new residents should be a dead giveaway that someone has a twisted sense of humor.

I share this because I have no doubt I have many Missouri friends who will share it as if it were real. I'm not judging, but I know what my social media pages are already filled with and this fits it to a T. If nothing else, it's good for a quick 15 second laugh and then move on with your real (non-Jurassic preferably) life.

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