Do you know when your eyes are deceiving you? I ask this because there really is a Missouri trail cam that appears to show a velociraptor dinosaur (yes, like the ones in Jurassic Park). But, there's more than just what your eyes see going on here.

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Before I share some other details about this video, watch it for yourself as it tells the (alleged) story of a Missouri hunter who heard strange sounds in the woods so he placed some trail cams in the area. About 1 minute in, this is what appears to be running in front of the camera.

UFOmania - The truth is out there via YouTube
UFOmania - The truth is out there via YouTube

Now, watch the video in real time and see what you think.

The comments on YouTube appear that most believe this is legit:

That's a real prehistoric animal

Is this for real??

A comment from a guy named Brian brings up the point everyone should be considering:

If there was any truth in his creature being alive today, the entire eco system of that area would be in a turmoil, animals would be fleeing the area in panic, etc

This is a brilliantly done video and has become a fun conversation on the Missouri sub-Reddit. Yes, dinosaurs once DID exist in Missouri, but raptors were never a part of that according to A-Z Animals. No, this video obviously does not show a real raptor, but a really well done video layer imposed on another I believer. It's clever, but no there is no Jurassic Missouri that I know of. Yet.

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