There are few things more entertaining than nature just being nature. Most of the intense encounters between species happen where we can't see them. This is the exception. It's a trail cam in Missouri that captured what apparently was a wild encounter between a bobcat and some turkeys.

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The Missouri Department of Conservation shared this photo which was apparently shared with them by Randy Mize. The timestamp on the photo shows in the early evening of June 3, 2023 there was a bobcat who could fly and the desired destination for him was on or near two turkeys.

This reminds me of the famous WKRP in Cincinnati line "as God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly". They can, Mr. Carlson. This photo proves they can...a little.

The Missouri Department of Conservation did not reveal what happened as the result of this flying bobcat attempting to apprehend two (briefly) flying turkeys. Bobcats can be fierce, but these turkeys are no tiny defenseless birds. Use your own imagination about how you'd like this story to end. All I know is that trail cam moments like this are an amazing glimpse at Missouri nature being nature.

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