I had a guy I used to work with around 30 years ago who had been a former gang member. The stories he told me were terrifying. It's a lifestyle I've fortunately avoided in my life, but the reality is if you spend any time in St. Louis, Missouri, you're near gangs whether you want to be or not. I found helpful guides to show you what gangs are in the big city and where they reside.

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I do not spend a lot of time thinking about gangs. The only information I want to know is where they're at so I can be somewhere else. Many are in that lifestyle not by choice, but just to survive. That being said, I found a website called Kulture Vulturez that created an interactive map showing what gangs are in St. Louis, Missouri and the neighborhoods they rule.

Here are the main gangs they say are active in St. Louis. I have no doubt there are more, but this is a start:

I have found another map of St. Louis gangs that has some slightly different info, but seems to agree with most of the areas from the first one.

My friend from 30 years ago left the Bloods and was nearly beaten within an inch of his life. He kept a rifle in the radio station while he worked the overnight shift. Some people live with a reality that most of us cannot imagine.

I feel like sharing information like this can be helpful for the many who just want to let police deal with this element in our society while most of us would just like to avoid it and give those living this gang lifestyle their space and respect.

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